Our Mission

When you Hire dedicated staff via Dedistaff – Everybody wins! The Skilled talent can choose for themselves the projects they want to work on, and the business get access to the previously concealed world largest pool of Skillful qualified talent. We create a hiring-resourcing win-win – and you focus on what matters for your business – Growth through on-time task completion!

  • Be on the top of the industry
  • Save your time and let us handle it
  • Work beyond the boundaries of resourcing
  • Be rewarded by our services

Our Vision


Handpick talent from world’s top niche skill-set, lend scalable growth to the existing and start up businesses without the hiring hassles and flourish a marketplace for world’s best offshore teams! Superior Service, Superior Staffing - Moving Minds to Right Place, Searching For You, Working For You - Helping You Grow

  • Carving a niche for you - revolutionizing employment
  • 100x Faster than recruitment, resourcing and agency communicationd
  • Money back guarantee, in case of dissatisfaction
  • Our services, Our Staff, Your Progress