All inclusive – one stop start up resourcing solutions, through dedicated staffing!

The Easiest, cheapest yet fastest and safest way of hiring offshore staff for 360 degree product and project, Tech and Non Tech solutions for your start ups? Dedistaff is the answer, serving as a one stop dedicated staffing destination providing 100% full time dedicated developers, designers, consultants, non tech staff and personnel for your every technical and business resourcing requirement, without you having to worry about staff management, resourcing responsibilities, employee retention or paying anything, since Dedistaff earns business from firms providing staff, not its clients! So the best way ahead for a start up, focusing on just business growth, is the ultimate aim for dedistaff and the optimum success route for start ups! A complete win-win!

Mobile Application Consultants

Mobile app consultants serving as dedicated full time employees for your business from Dedistaff are highly experienced, expertly qualified consultants providing you best consulting and progress experience for your mobile projects, without quality issues.

Sales Consultants

Non technical sales consultancy needs, proven expertise along with unprecedented skillset, dedication and long term project commitment to see it through to fruitful results, hence our highly skilled sales consultants cater to your every sales requirement!

Project Managers

Project management is a critical aspect for any start up ventures, being important time and money constraint, hence dedistaff takes up this responsibility with exclusive candidates who will be serving 100% full time on your projects putting their expertise to use to deliver the optimum project results.

AWS Consultants

Let our AWS experts handle your architecture so you can handle just your business! New Infrastructures. Upgrades, Monitoring & Alerting, Migrations – are all performed by our experienced, certified, dedicated full time AWS consultants.

Technical Consultants

Technical consultancy is a highly dominant key factor in planning and deployment of technical projects for a start ups where no risk is feasible, hence dedistaff provisions at your disposal only the certified, well experienced technical consultants, letting Dedistaff be responsible for all of their personnel needs.

Digital Marketing Consultants

Our dedicated, expertly trained and experienced digital marketing consultants will help your brand reach its full potential – through their tasks that involves strategies, tactics, numbers, and tools, to ensure the client brand gets desired visibility.