Your One Stop Dedicated Staff Shop!

Dedistaff is a one-of-its-kind simple solution to all your staffing needs – your go-to marketplace for handpicking tech and non-tech talent from the best available resources across the globe! We find the teams or singular dedicated staffing worker for you – be it any domain or any skill set you are hunting – we will provide you dedicated staff that is qualified, experienced and tailored to fit your requirements.

Dedistaff is the answer to your ever-growing problems of finding, training and retaining the right talent through the stereotypical resourcing processes. Full time dedicated staff – both technical and non-technical without any resourcing or management hassles!

We Leverage People & Processes For Business Growth. That’s why we utilize innovative solutions in line with your business demands that not only save you time but get your recruiting needs fulfilled in an easy and accessible manner with the help of specialists at Dedistaff!

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    Jan, 2008
    Foundation of Company

    Establishing Legacy 2008

    Dedistaff was founded by technology pioneer Paul Lawless, who with his business and technology finesse explored the world of IT services for over 25 years, and congregated this experience to establish Dedistaff to address the immensely pertinent unresolved problem of dedicated staffing. This has helped elevate the prosperity of businesses by allowing owners to focus on growth and leaving aside the management, resourcing and execution of actual technical and non-technical projects and tasks by offshore firms, teams and individuals, and all to be governed and controlled by one umbrella company – DEDISTAFF.

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    Jan, 2018
    10 Years On, Creating Legacy

    10 Years On, Creating Legacy

    In 10 years, Dedistaff has not only moved horizons beyond its foundations, but retained 100% of existing clientele, provisioned more than 150+ talented professionals to client organizations and garnered more than 500 client companies while still continuing to revolutionize the world of dedicated staffing and offshore development, being the ioneer and continuing to re-invent.

We Work for Your Profit

Our goal is to help the companies make profit – we do not charge any fees from the clients – all our revenue is generated from the service providers, hence we continue to serve our clients like you – with the best of the offshore development,design and management services – through fully pre-evaluated, full time dedicated talent, ensuring there isn't a dent in your business growth, only profit!
Excellent Support
Excellent Support
We provide technical and business assistance through dedicated support teams – to answer all of your queries 24/7 365 days a week, leaving you to tend to the important factors of your business, while you leave getting work done to us.
Awesome Team
Awesome Team
Our Dedistaff management team holds superlative experience of over 20 years in IT and business domains, holding the answers to your pertinent resourcing problem, so consult them now.
Faster Performance
Faster Performance
No recruitment, no resourcing, direct hiring and immediate results -with brilliantly delivered project outcomes! We guarantee fastest project completions with highest quality of work.

Vision Dedistaff

Superior Service, Superior Staffing – Moving Minds to Right Place, Searching For You, Working For You – Helping You Grow